Aviation Battery Power Supply (GPU - Ground Power Unit) LINEMA LASZ-1400

Main notes

  • Aviation battery power supply of LINEMA LASZ-1400 series is a high-performance ground power unit (GPU) supplying direct voltage (24V) to initiate and feed on-board equipment when maintaining, taking care, repairing or testing the aircrafts and helicopters.
  • LINEMA LASZ-1400 is equipped with electronic-controlled output power switch on/off, on-board voltage indication, cable with DC 28V terminal, low battery warning and battery re-charger.
  • A connection of built-in battery re-charger activates forced ventilation of battery housing.
  • LINEMA LASZ-1400 can be delivered in a fixed or transportable version on the customer request.

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Input power
24 V
Power supply capacity
235 A/h
Max.current consuption/starting current
1400 A
Battery type
EXIDE 2 V / 235 Ah (2 ks)
Re-charger input power
AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Output power control
Battery capacity control
Optical (LED) indication
Forced (fan)
Cable with DC 28V connector
6 / 19 / 95 m / ft / mm2
Weight approx.
140 kg


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