Company profile

Aviation Ground Support Equipment Manufacturer

Linema Group produce various kind of mechanical parts, plastic components and spare parts for transport technology and vehicles.
LINEMA product range includes baggage carts, cargo carts, turntable container dollies, pallet dollies, portable water carts, lavatory service carts, aircraft wheel chock blocks and customised production of specialised GSE, like chasses for scan trailers, weight trailers, etc.


LINEMA has its own facilities. These include fully computerised technical design centre, production area equipped by machine tools for every kind of machinery production, production hall for final production and assembly and, of course, spare parts stock as a base for well working after sales services.

Technical design

LINEMA products are of own LINEMA design. The products are under continuous development to follow new and new requirements and achieve better and better features. LINEMA is also able to adapt design to specific customer requirements or make customised development. All LINEMA designs meet IATA AHM requirements and CEN standards. New products are tested in operation at Prague International Airport.


  • Production of products designed by LINEMA.
  • Production according to specifications introduced by the customer.
  • Production of spare parts both for LINEMA products and for other products.
  • Customised production.

Standardisation of spare parts

The final products supplied by LINEMA company have corresponding components and spare parts. The advantages of this are:

  • Lower range of spare parts.
  • Lower cost for upkeep.
  • Interchangeability.
  • Reduction of purchasing and operation costs.

After sales service

  • Permanent technical assistance.
  • Customer and/or end-user maintenance training (on request).
  • Long term guarantee of spare parts supply.
  • Operational and maintenance manual.
  • Illustrated spare parts catalogue.
  • Factory spare parts stock.
  • Rapid spare parts supply service.


Our products are under reliable operation on the Airports all around the world. We are proud to be a long term partner and qualified supplier to FedEx, the worldwide Air-cargo Carriers market leader.


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