Loading Platform LINEMA PL-02

Main notes

  • LINEMA PL-02 is designed for handling palletized freight; the freight safe loading and offloading of the feeder aircraft, but in the raised or lowered position only. It is not designed for lifting or lowering freight on the platform deck.
  • Loading platform is evenly adjustable by scissors assemblies powered by a hydraulic system.
  • The platform height ranges from a minimum of 90 cm to a maximum of 190 cm (from 35,43″ to 74,8″).
  • Platform deck of the loading platform is equipped with a fold-out bridge, removable safety hand rails on the deck either sides, and adjustable stabilizers to secure the loading platform.
  • The deck is mounted on the scissors assemblies which are operated by hydraulic cylinders.
  • The hydraulic system is powered by a manually handled hydraulic pump.
  • A ladder is provided to enable personnel to access the platform deck and the aircraft.
  • The loading platform is designed to be moved by a tug.
  • Loading Platform LINEMA PL-02 is safe in operations, and meets all IATA AHM requirements.

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Length of platform deck
4000 mm
2200 mm
Height of platform deck from adjustable
900-1900 mm
Fold-out bridge width
1200 mm
Weight approx.
1800 kg
Weight capacity
1200 kg
Hydraulic fluid reservoir
5 l
Towing speed
25 km/h
Type pallets parameters
Euro-pallet (0,8 x 1,2 m), Industrial pallet (1 x 1,2 m)


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LINEMA PL-02 (datasheet)

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