Mobile Folding Helipad LINEMA LHP-13

Technical Description

LINEMA LHP-13 consists of single elements with dimensions 2,5 x 4,2 m in folded condition and with dimensions 10 x 4,2 m in unfolded condition.

Each single element is made of welded steel profiles resistant against fire, extreme temperature, humidity (antirust paint or zinc coating), UV solar radiation, traction and pressure. The elements are equipped with adjustable telescopic support and steel grade with deflector heading Air Flow from Helicopter Rotor behind the Helipad, in order to avoid clouded effect and good visibility for pilots. The surface of elements is clean, repellent to dust and sand. Every element is equipped with cabling and kit for lightning installation. This provides to operator many variants of Helipad layout.

Thanks to its steel construction our system provides much higher solidity as required 1,65 kg/m2 for the platform. This allow landing and take of of wide range of Helicopters up to Mi-17 weight level. The elements are connected to each other by journals and in unfolded condition are protected by fixing pins. After unfolding and connecting of the elements into required layout each element can be individually levelled. The adjustment of each element level is reached by mechanical telescopic support controlled by handle on the top of each element. The transportation of the Helipad from point to point can be performed by standard tracks.

Each truck can transport 12 folded elements, equal to area size 25 x 20m = 500m2. To reach required area of 50 m x 50 m equal to 2500 m2, needs 60 elements and 5 trucks for transportation.

For manipulation with elements the handling device is required (Hydraulic Crane on the Track or Forklift). Installation is easy and secure. To deploy the Helipad personal of 4 people is required.

For solid compaction of the area surface the vibrating plates are recommended. For Helipad positioning and grounding the pickets are recommended.

Mobile Folding Helipad LINEMA LHP-13 is designed for fast deployment of solid landing/take off helicopter platform on the unpaved terrain. Thanks to its special modular construction provides to its operator variability in composition (size & shape) of the landing/take off area. This feature provides wide range of helicopter landing/take off on the helipad. The landing level of the platform is 312 mm above the ground level which provides unique comfort for terrain ground shaping (except bigger obstacles there is no need for ground shaping and ground compacting).

Main Properties

  • Rapid deployment of solid landing/take off helicopter platform on the unpaved terrain.
  • Preventing to cloud effect and providing highest visibility to pilot and staff.
  • Maintenance-free, resistant against climate.
  • Mobile, Folding and Flexible.
  • Transportable by Air, Sea, Road.
  • Easy to install, operator friendly.
  • Easy for training.
  • Spare parts available, through life support.

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Transportation of helipad LPH-13

Transportation of helipad ...

Folded elements of helipad LHP-13

Folded elements of helipad...

Unfolding element of helipad LHP-13

Unfolding element of helip...

Unfolded element of helipad LHP-13

Unfolded element of helipa...

Technical drawing LHP-13

Technical drawing LHP-13


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