Pallet Dolly (Container Trailer) LINEMA LP-70G

Main notes

  • LINEMA LP-70G is designed to carry (ULD) containers and pallets to / from aircraft the premises of an airport cargo terminal.
  • Their usefulness is 24 hours, with a focus on night operations with the required safety markings and finish for outdoor parking. Full functionality is provided in the temperature range +40 °C to -20 °C.
  • LINEMA LP-70G Pallet Dollies are designed and constructed in terms of movement to areas with normal airport inequalities (gutters drain, slot expansion joints of concrete surfaces).
  • In the design and manufacture are respected EU standards and recommendations of the IATA AHM 909, 911, 913, 916, 963, 965, 966 and 967th.
  • LINEMA LP-70G is manned by one man with the capability and service sets max.4 pieces of trucks in a row.
  • Design speed of the trolley in the kit is up to 30 km / h.
  • Loading and unloading truck is in the hold, perhaps in parallel in the direction of travel on both sides and the rear.
  • LINEMA LP-70G is designed to be resistant to contact with commonly used substances and liquids at airports.

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Weight approx.
1090 kg
Weight capacity
7000 kg
Towing speed
25 km/h
For containers (standard)
LD-3 / LD-4 / LD-5 / LD-6 / LD-7 / LD-9 / LD-11 / AAX / AAA / AAJ / AAK / ABU / AMJ / axy / LFS / ALP / DQF / DPN
For pallets
88″ x 108″ / 88″ x 125″ / 96″ x 125″


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LINEMA LP-70G (datasheet)

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