Pallet Static Storage Stand (Pallet Stacker) LINEMA PSM-08

Main notes

  • Are suitable for stocking of ULD containers / pallets up to the base plate size of 2438 x 3175 mm (96″ x 125″)
  • Pallet stands are suitable empty as well as fully loaded ULD containers / pallets up to their maximum gross weight 7000 kg.
  • Pallet racks have a light structure.
  • The reference platform height is 508 mm / 20″, which makes the racks compatible with all GSE handling equipment (containers, dollies, pallet trailers, highlift loaders, etc.)
  • The pallet racks are completed with adjustable legs for levelling and elimination of terrain unevenness.
  • The pallet racks can be connected into rows and create rack field.
  • LINEMA PSM-08 meets all IATA AHM requirements.

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Weight approx.
525 kg
Weight capacity
1000 kg
Size of rollers
80 x 600 mm


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LINEMA PSM-08 (datasheet)

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