Trailer Weight Cart LINEMA LW-220M08

Main notes

  • LINEMA LW-220M08 is a special towed vehicle that provide tethering points for wide bodied aircraft, and sufficient weight (approx. 18400 kg, i.e. 40600 lb) to prevent excessive aircraft nose gear lift during load / unload operations.
  • Has two fixed rear axles and steering by front caster wheels rotating on heavyduty ball bearing race.
  • Has two manually operated brakes at the rear wheels, independent on tow a bar position.
  • The frame provides two beds to which ballast elements are placed.
  • The frame is provided by fixing points for rear axles, two front axle rotating frames, and a tow bar.
  • LINEMA LW-220M08 is simple to handle, and require minimummaintenance.
  • Trailer, Weight Cart LINEMA LW-220M08 is safe in operations, and meets all IATA AHM requirements.

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Empty weight +/- 4% (without weights)
1528 kg
Operation weight (with weights)
18458 kg
Load capacity
2x 8449 kg
Permissible towing speed max.
10 km/h
Tow eye diameter
76 mm


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