Turntable Container Dolly LINEMA LP-20

Main notes

  • Transport of aircraft ULD containers.
  • Turntable load platform rotating about 360° with rest positions per 90° which enables to adjust platform into direction needed both for loading/unloading and driving operations.
  • The stops are operated by hand levers from bothsides of the dolly.
  • Steering is by front an rear rotating axles, whitch provides excellent maneuverability.
  • Friction parking brake is operated by tow bar in vertical position (within 30°).
  • The height of the roller platform enables compatibility with all other GSE (pallet racks, high loaders, pallet transporter.etc. - from 508 mm to 530 mm/top of rollers).
  • The dolly meets all IATA AHM standards.

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Weight approx.
680 kg
Weight capacity
1588 kg
Towing speed
25 km/h
For containers (standard)
LD-1 / LD-2 / LD-3
Max.container base plate parameters
1534 x 1562 mm


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LINEMA LP-20 (datasheet)

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